As a child, I was always surrounded by animals and never tired of watching them. Little did I know back then that observing animals would become my job! My career has been exceptionally varied in terms of research focus and study systems. I feel very lucky to have worked under such generous supervisors and hosts who have supported me throughout my ‘zig zag’ path. I’m driven by a deeply held curiosity about the world around me, which science helps to satisfy. But, my enthusiasm for science isn’t only about the joy in answering questions. I’m also profoundly grateful for the opportunities I get to meet and work with interesting people from all over the world.

Food and cookery are also a big part of my life. When I’m not busy being a scientist, I like nothing more than inviting friends over to test new recipes on them, or heading out to try new restaurants. I’m also particularly fond of drawing, going for hikes and long walks, and travelling to far off places.